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Deep conditioning treatments at home Hits: 500
What's the difference between an Ombre and Highlights? Hits: 2747
What about men's cuts? What is in fashion? Hits: 856
Let's take a moment and talk about facial hair. Hits: 1318
Varicose Veins - Is there anything that is natural that might work? Hits: 825
Are there new ways of blending my gray and natural color? Hits: 1015
How can I achieve the after a day at the beach ook for my hair? Hits: 934
Can you recommend any natural remedies for Adult Acne Hits: 1033
My hair is really fine, so it tends to get oily easily. Hits: 1045
How can I get the "bed-head" look? Hits: 1149
I have all these red bumps on the backs of my upper arms Hits: 1472
What are some ways I can pamper and take care of my skin? Hits: 1229
Is a ponytail, worn every day, bad for my hair? Hits: 1990
I am a woman in my 50's and I find myself overwhelmed looking for personal care products Hits: 1173
I always hear about skin types, and how they affect what products you use Hits: 1071
Brazilian Blowout FAQ'S Hits: 5162
What should look for in anti-aging products? Hits: 1196
Why is my face puffy in the morning? Hits: 1796
Bazilian Blowouts to control frizz Hits: 1320
How can I control the static in my hair? Hits: 1365
How do I use styling products like in the salon? Hits: 982
As we get older where do I go for new makeup applications for women over 50? Hits: 1398
I am in a dilemma when it comes to picking out the right lipsticks Hits: 1308
In the summer heat, my makeup seems to slide off my face by midday Hits: 1833
I can't believe it! It is now 2010, and I looked in the mirror and realized I have been wearing the same haircut for 10 years. Hits: 902
I am ready to change my hair from "mousy brown" to California blond. Hits: 1172
I am overweight by at least 30 pounds, and my face appears very round. Hits: 1648
My facial features seem to be fading away! Hits: 1490
Any suggestions for dark circles under my eyes? Hits: 914
Is eyelash dye a safe process, and how long does it last? Hits: 1039
What is in style for hair? Hits: 932
Liz, when do you add a styling product? Hits: 1501
Should I shampoo every two to three days? Hits: 1028
How can I get my hair to look like the TV actresses? Hits: 975
What's wrong with my hair and skin? Hits: 1045
Does Botox contain botulism? Hits: 1151
Is daily shampooing recommended even for curly hair? Hits: 953
Does excessive washing cause hair loss and dryness? Hits: 1323
Why does hair turn gray or white? Hits: 992
How can I tell my stylist what look I want? Hits: 1626
How should I clean my hair brushes? Hits: 1657
I don't know how to begin to look my best at over 50? Hits: 935
What can I do to minimize the sags and wrinkles? Hits: 948
Do you talk about politics in the salon? Hits: 1541
I wear glasses. What can I do to look more fashionable? Hits: 1604
Can I go gray gracefully? Hits: 1383
Is there anything I can do to avoid age spots? Hits: 941
How can I make sure I get the cut I want? Hits: 906
Can you suggest ways to help my itchy scalp? Hits: 1067
What are my options with facial hair? Hits: 944