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Here's a question I was asked just last week, but it's one that comes up frequently:

Q: As we get older where do I go for new makeup applications for women over 50?

A: I recommend first finding a professional make up artist aged 40+, who can relate to mature women's issues of aging.

For my clients, I also recommend making a change in your choice of foundation. Try this:

Tizo fiundation spf40It contains a soft tint that blends in with any completion and leaves your skin soft and pliable for your blush and eye application.

Titanium, Iron & Zinc Oxide, uniquely formulated to offer sheer, elegant protection with a silky-smooth, matte finish, TIZO3 offers unparalleled aesthetic elegance while providing superb photoprotective performance. TIZO3 is specially formulated without "chemical sunscreen" filters to offer UVA/UVB light protection.

TIZO3 is paraben, oil, PABA and fragrance free.
Ask for it at the front desk at Tijeras Hair Co.!