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Q: I always hear about skin types, and how they affect what products you use, and even makeup applications. How do I determine my skin type?

A: Determining your skin type is based upon amounts of oil secretion, and where the different areas of your skin produce (or do not produce) oil. This is mostly decided by heredity, although environmental factors can certainly intensify conditions. Here are the 6 skin types--dry; somewhat dry; normal; somewhat oily; oily; or combination. Combination skin is the most common; it is characterized by being oily in the T-zone (area of your forehead and nose) and normal to dry elsewhere. You can also have "sensitive" skin, in which case you should try and minimize the number of products you use on your skin, and use natural or fragrance free products. Tijeras Naturals carries both hair care and body care lines specifically designed for sensitive skin. Try our Uber Unscented Daily Shampoo & Conditioner or Tijeras Organic Alchemy Unscented Body Wash.