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Q: What are some ways I can pamper and take care of my skin? I use a daily moisturizer on my body, but is there something else I should be doing?

A: Yes! There are many options for achieving healthy, glowing skin. First, you can soak in the tub with a bath salt such as our Tijeras Organic Alchemy Wild Primrose Bath Salts. The natural emollients help sooth, hydrate, and refresh your skin. Also, body scrubs will help get rid of old, dry skin, revealing a youthful glow. If you live in a dry climate and need extra care, try a homemade moisturizer with almond or grape seed oil s mixed with your favorite essential oils.  You can add these to a bath or apply directly to dry areas. Keep up this regime a couple times a week, and you will have brand new, radiant skin!