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Q: I have adult acne, and the typical products out there contain harsh ingredients that dry out my skin or make my acne worse. Can you recommend any natural remedies I can try?

A: There are a number of natural products you can use in combination to lessen your acne. However, first you need to start with developing good daily habits. Make sure you are washing your face twice a day with a mild cleanser, washing your pillow case frequently, and most important of all is eating right and getting plenty of exercise. Tea Tree Oil is a good natural product as it has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which will aid in killing acne bacteria. Use caution when using pure tea tree however, as many people have sensitive skin and it is very strong. Try diluting it with either water or aloe vera for a soothing effect when treating affected areas. You can also make your own face mask with baking soda (to soak up excess oil on your skin), honey (anti-bacterial) and apple cider vinegar (alpha-hydroxy acids help to detox your skin). If you have persistent or severe acne please consult your dermatologist before using a new treatment.