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Q: My hair has been turning gray for the past few years and I now color it every six weeks. Can I go gray gracefully? Would it be attractive?

A: You bet you can, and you can look fabulous. I have had great success helping women go gray and have received many testimonials from happy clients. You need to understand, however, that going gray gracefully is a process. In addition, the initial gray color will not be your natural gray color but will be close to it. If you are a blond, you may be able to become gray in a single application, but if you are a brunette, it may take several applications over a period time. There are many steps to go through so you need to talk to your stylist and discuss the time frame and cost. Here are some of the questions you should ask: Can this be accomplished in one salon visit? If not, how much time will it take to achieve my new look? When will I achieve my natural gray? Not everyone looks great in their natural gray hair. It depends on your skin color, its tone, your lifestyle, and the clothes you wear. Let's face it. Growing older is not for the young at heart. We strive to look our best at every age, but as we grow older we need to take that special time to feel strikingly beautiful as we move through the process of life.