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Q: Lately, I have read a few articles that recommend shampooing hair every two to three days, not daily. What do you think?

A: In my 20 years of salon experience, I have cut and styled the hair of customers of all ages, hair types, and life styles. Many wear trendy cuts and need styling aids on a daily basis to create their look. Others, who are more athletic, include exercise in their daily routine and need a daily shampoo. It is important that you assess your lifestyle and work around it. General rules may be helpful, but there are always exceptions to the rules, especially as they pertain to hair care.

It may be helpful to compare hair to a beautiful, fine fabric. As you know, fabrics vary in type and texture, and each needs to be cared for accordingly. Shampooing daily is appropriate for the hair types of most of my clientele. Daily shampooing, however, requires a gentle product. Using the right product will give you hair that is luxuriant, silky, and shiny. In contrast, infrequent shampooing often results in hair that is dull, lifeless, and hard to manage. How can you feel your best when your hair is limp and unmanageable?