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Irene Sharp _ Testimonial

What a success story 40 years. I was so lucky to be one of your clients over the years. The most fabulous salon – the best, I know I will I will never find another salon like Tijeras – so caring about the clients and so professional.

Love Irene Sharp.

Lisa S. - Testimonial

The cut Haley provided, with your guidance was perfect, even after washing and minimal prep on my part. Since it can be 8 weeks between cuts sometimes is there anything I can tell her about the cut to remind her what was done ? (Other salons have tended not to repeat the first cut unless it was written down.) it is just the perfect cut for me!! Thank you so much! Good to see you and Abby again, too.

Best, Lisa Skoler

Ilse P. - Testimonial

For a truly amazing experience have your hair cut at Tijeras Salon

Liz is a sculptor and maybe also a painter....

The Michelangelo of Albuquerque Hairdressers!

~Ilse Pinkus

Ivona M.

With regards to Tijeras Naturals Hair Care Products, I have been using the full line of hair care products for over twenty years.  When my hair was long and without color or perm, the products left my hair with a lustrous finish and a silken weightless touch to say nothing of the native fragrance of clove or sage.  For years I have been trying to get them to go further with their fragrances native to our enchanting southwest, but they have held fast to their original good choices in fragrance and in price.

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Cathy M.

I have been to many salons looking for the right Hairstylist doing endless searching on the internet for reviews on the best salons only to come up short.  I have had my hair colored and cut by other salons and was disappointed in one way or another.  My hair seams to take on a life of its own and each stylist I went to only made my hair look worse.   I heard a few people say that the Tijeras Shampoo was wonderful and made their hair feel soft and smooth.  

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Linda V.

I just had my second hair cut at Tijeras Hair Company. Five weeks ago Eric Rico gave me the best haircut I have ever had in my entire life of 69 years! It is so amazing to look good right after the haircut.

Linda VIk, owner House of Bread Bakery Cafe.

Nell R - Testimonial

Jackie and Liz:  Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the great job you are doing with my hair color and style.  For the first time in many years I’m actually happy with it!  In addition, coming into your salon is a pleasant and relaxing experience which I especially appreciate.  Thanks!  Nell

~ Nell R, CPM, PMP

Sharon B - Testimonial


I am so pleased with my new color.. my real color. I had been wanting to let my hair go to its natural color gray for long time. I  had been to a couple hair dressers with no luck.. I went to Liz at Tijeras salon finally.

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Anita T - Testimonial

Hi Lizzy,

THIRTY SIX YEARS OMG!!  It is hard to believe…time really flies.  Well, twenty eight years ago September 24, 1983 I was married to Billy, and you did my hair…can you believe it!!   My friends can't believe I have had the same hairdresser for all those years, 28 years and longer. 

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Elizabeth B - Testimonial

I really do not recall when I began experiencing the wonders of Tijeras Hair Company - but it was at least 30 years ago.  I actually followed a stylist there because I liked the way he cut my hair.  He moved on but I stayed because Jacque was so fantastic at the same art.  Then I discovered the products and have used nothing since.  The shampoo and conditioner have continually improved and are extremely "hair friendly".  I receive many comments about how healthy my hair appears - all because of Tijeras! 

Thank you for keeping me in good shape - it not top to toe - at least on TOP.  

Sincerely, Elizabeth B