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awards design 200


I am so pleased with my new color.. my real color. I had been wanting to let my hair go to its natural color gray for long time. I  had been to a couple hair dressers with no luck.. I went to Liz at Tijeras salon finally.

She highlighted my hair a light color..I liked it OK,  It blended with my roots somewhat, but it had a lot of yellow in it still. I prepared myself to just be patience and let it grow.. I also wanted to let it grow longer..smart huh?

The miracle occurred last week. I went to the salon for a haircut.

Jacque decided that Liz could take the yellow out of my hair.Liz painted my hair with some magic potion.

My hair is perfect. Truly amazing!  My roots are out a coupe inches and it is all the same color..Problem solved..

Thanks so much,

~ Sharon B