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Owned by mother-daughter duo Jacqueline and Elizabeth Asher, Tijeras Organic Alchemy began in 1975 as Tijeras Hair Company, a small salon that Jacqueline (left) opened in Albuquerque.

In those early days, Jacqueline says, she had a client whose hair was so severely damaged that he wouldn't wash it for fear that it would fall out. Helping him moved Jacqueline to develop her own hair-care line. In her salon, she saw the damage that the arid Southwest could wreak on hair, so she formulated her shampoos and conditioners to work in the dry, sun-drenched climate. (Think UV protection.)


Today, both she and Elizabeth work in the salon and together develop their hair- and skin-care lines, which incorporate desert botanicals like nettles and yucca, as well as other certified organic ingredients.

Available in retail outlets and at tijeras.net.

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