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altLet's talk about aging; I just completed a presentation on Salon Secrets at Whole Foods Market at the Carlisle location. I answered beauty questions for men and women. Most of the questions were on the process of aging and what they can do for their hair and skin to look younger. The consensus is that none of us like getting older. This is not an easy subject to talk about but I think it is time to address this process.

In the salon we all spend a great deal of time answering questions about what we all see when looking in the mirror. Let's admit it; getting older is a hard road to travel and it is not always a graceful process.

I heard this statement twenty years ago that says it all: "I am becoming invisible"  I have to admit at that time I did not understand why the person who was about 60 made  this comment. We never know how one feels until we can walk in their shoes.

The word "beauty" is no longer synonymous with an unattainable image.  Age is not our enemy; it is our attitude that changes how we feel about ourselves. Beauty embodies a lifestyle and a dedicated regimen. A focus needs to be on the care of the hair, face and body; preventive therapies; and an exercise regime.