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FridaYour eyes are the most identifying facial feature that makes you look like you. Now think about it, your eyebrows frame your eyes. That's why they're so important.

  1. Natural plucked eyebrows will not go away when you wash your face and take off all the makeup. It's a part of your face that seems insignificant, but makes a huge difference in your appearance.
  2. If you're still thinking, Ahhh, nobody pays attention to eyebrows! Who cares! Well those tiny little hairy caterpillars may seem insignificant, and yes, they are if they blend with your facial features. Eyebrows play a "supporting" role in your face appearance.
  3. Check out Frida Kahlo:
    Her eyebrows are her trademark because they took center stage. All the paintings made of her exaggerate the uni-brow.
    Make sure your eyebrows play a "supporting" role! Too thick eyebrows may take center stage and grab people's attention but the opposite is also true.
  4. Beauty trends also change. living in the days of the silent films, pencil thin eyebrows would be fashionable and timely
  5. In the 1930's the look that Faye Dunaway portrayed in her role in the movie was very fashionable. Chinatown:Faye Dunaway
    Natural is better, when eyebrows are shaped properly, they bring out your eyes, thus brightening up the face! 
  6. There isn't just one perfect shape for each face.
  7. Shaping your eyebrows is a small change that makes a huge difference! ...eyebrows show emotion.

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