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Lovely Eyelashes Is All That You Need!

With that insight in mind, go for that magical optical illusion, adding a little pizzazz to your eyelashes -- for day-to-day. Book an appointment with Leslie Baca, an experienced and talented esthetician.

Many are asking what is the procedure?

Your procedure will be about two-hours for a new set of eyelash extensions. Within minutes you will relax, and enjoy the wonderful ambiance of Tijeras Signature Facial Room and the time will fly by. You are given a choice of lashes: natural-looking or glamour-style.

This procedure is tedious gluing one artificial eyelash, made of synthetic silk, onto your real eyelashes -- one-at-a-time. For a glamour look there are up to 100 eyelashes which can be added to each eye. At the end of the procedure, the new set of lashes will be sealed with a micro-fine mister so that you are able to enjoy your normal daily activities. The best part is that you will no longer need mascara.