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Aging Process

Where do we start?

As we live our life, we see the visible signs of aging and it comes upon us early, starting around our 30’s and continues moving into our 40’s, 50’s, and 60+.


What is a girl to do?

First, we start looking into the medical machines, oxygen, microcurrent- Laser, IPL Laser Therapy and many more - each one promising to do a different job to help maintain our youth. Next, we incorporate injections like Botox, to get rid of frown lines and the smile lines around the eyes. The next question we ask ourselves is how about the lines around my lips should they be plumper? As we move on we need to incorporate different injections for our checks such as Juvederm and other miracle injections to rid us of those fine lines and build up our check bones. Once we go there-there is no turning back. We are hooked.

What is next? Making an appointment with your favorite plastic surgeon for the final fix.

What you might not know is that after the facelift, you will still need to incorporate injections to maintain the look you paid for.

GM Collin Blog.jpgWhat is missing? Our largest organ the skin.  Why do we bypass the care of our skin? It is so important as we go through our daily life to keep our skin hydrated, cleansed properly, nourished and protected from the sun. Before we go to all of the above medical treatments, we can start with the best facial care.

Great skin care is not just for women. Men face many of the same aging issues as women.

At Tijeras, we have researched many skin care lines and tested each one of them. Our pick is G.M Collins, there is a specific system for every type of skin.

Let’s get started:

Meet Patrice Ivey, trained in the classic European facial. She will start with an in-depth analysis of your skin and customize your facial treatment.

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A European facial will add radiance to your skin. You can expect your skin to be more hydrated, and fine lines reduced through exfoliation and stimulating the growth of new skin cells. You will find this type of facial helps you maintain a more youthful appearance.

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Each Facial is Customized For Your Skin Type