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Glowing Summer Skin!

woman back and flowersTry this homemade body scrub recipe for soft, glowing skin just in time for swimsuit season! Coffee scrubs have been said to aid in cellulite reduction and helps with the appearance of varicose veins. The caffeine in the grounds redistributes fat cells and shrinks blood vessels in your skin. The sugar/salts buff away dead skin cells, revealing rejuvenated, younger-looking skin. 

 For recipe Click Here.

Leave Color to the Experts

You don't have to live with a bad color that does not compliment your skin tone or a box color that you bought from the grocery store.
Leave corrective coloring to the experts. Corrective color is an art form and takes a stylist with extensive knowledge of color to correct coloring mistakes. Here Eric Rico, stylist from our salon Tijeras Hair Co. is doing a dye-back which takes many steps to achieve that rich brunette.

Women receiving Hair Coloring treatment
 After consulting with the client and Elizabeth Asher (advanced stylist and colorist) to determine the desired effect, they formulate a procedure which may take many steps (in this case a primer is needed to be applied to the blond so that the chosen color can be achieved) and like magic "She is transformed".
For your free color consultation call 505-255-5544 ask for Jennifer to schedule.

Vitamins for Hair Vitality

Vitamin E helps improve blood circulation to your scalp, resulting in healthy hair growth. You can find it naturally in avocados, mangoes, tomatoes and broccoli.

Vitamins B & A aid in cell growth & division, giving you a healthy scalp and overall skin tone. It can be found naturally in meats such as turkey & tuna, and in eggs and spinach.

This Month at the Salon...

The salon is buzzing with concerns about our economy. I believe that we will see an upturn in this year, but the question is what do we do now to support our community and our small businesses that we love. Here are a few hints that each and everyone one of us can do to make a difference.

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Jazz Up Your Hair for The New Year

hair before after - new year styleIt's a new year, be bold! At the salon, Eric Rico created new looks for two sisters who wanted to go into the new year looking great. The day was filled with Holiday energy.

One sister wanted a complete new look. Eric took her from a bleach blond to a rich brunette and incorporated an updated 50's cut. The other sister wanted rich red highlights that accentuated the brunette undertones. The cut was cute and sassy that brought out the rich red highlights.

Makeup Safety Concerns for Halloween

  1. model faceMake sure you perform a test patch on your skin before applying makeup all over on the big night. You never know how different types of makeup will affect your skin, and you wouldn't want to break-out in a nasty rash and ruin all the ghoulish fun.
  2. Take caution with makeup usage around open flames (or jack-o-lanterns) as many products contain flammable ingredients.
  3. Use properly specified makeup for each area of your body. Take care when applying body makeup to your face, or vice versa, as the formulas are specifically designed for certain areas and could easily irritate your skin.
  4. Apply makeup thinly, one color at a time allowing the makeup to adequately dry. This will help with even application, as well as avoid excess amounts of product on your skin.

Tijeras Salon Goes Hollywood

Tijeras Naturals StorefrontWe were lucky enough to have our "Tijeras Naturals" name and products featured on a movie set! The film (due for release at an unannounced time) is Odd Thomas, an adaptation of the novel by Dean Koontz and staring Anton Yelchin and Willem Dafoe. The film was shot all over New Mexico, and included a mall scene, in which an entire store was built with the Tijeras name. The picture below shows our "swanky" salon as it will appear in the film. We were very pleased and grateful for the opportunity and hope our products make it up on the big screen!

Tijeras Naturals is celebrating thirty-six years in business.

birthdaycupcakeTijeras Naturals is 36 Years Old!

We have shared with you many years of life experiences. We're thankful for your support throughout those years and the relationships we have built with each and every one of you. We at Tijeras would love hear from you about your experiences in our salon. Please send us your testimonials. Your message may be used in corresponding articles, but we will only use your first name and last name initial.

#1 Anti-Aging Serum?

This just in!


We saw this new product on Entertainment Tonight, Good Housekeeping awarded It's the #1 Anti-Aging Serum for 2010. It's called Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense. We have not tried this product yet and we're curious to know if any of our readers have? Let us know what you think. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Announcing Tijeras Organic Alchemy Affiliate Program.

Great News!! We are excited to announce Tijeras Organic Alchemy affiliate program.

Tijeras Organic Alchemy natural/organic hair and skin care products are in search of affiliates to partner with us. Tijeras is a line of health and beauty products that enhance the environment and brings harmonious balance to ones life. To be a Tijeras partner please click the Tijeras Affiliate Program link to join and start earning today!

A percentage of the proceeds from sales are donated on your behalf to animal rescue foundations and environmental organizations.

Should I wear blush, or just go natural?

Q: I have always worn make-up, including blush. As I get older, I do not know what is age appropriate. Should I wear blush, or just go natural?

A: One of my favorite mentors is Bobbi Brown, so I went directly to her for the answer to your question:

“When it comes to blush, most women I know fall into two camps: they either can't live without it, or they shy away from it because they worry they'll look clown-like. I think everyone looks better with blush. It's the easiest way to look pretty, healthy, and radiant.

Picking the perfect shade of blush isn't rocket science. The right color should work with your complexion and look like your cheeks when you exercise or blush. If you have to work hard to blend your blush, the color is too dark or too bright.

Any suggestions for crow's feet around my eyes?

Q: Recently, when looking in the mirror, I was shocked to see crow's feet around my eyes. Any suggestions?

A: You have several options, but the easiest one is to use an eye cream or gel that contains caffeine, which temporarily tightens the skin. Be sure to wear sun glasses whenever you need them and particularly in sunny weather because squinting exacerbates crow's feet.

What is Juvederm?

Q: What is Juvederm?

A: Juvederm is a natural product made with hyaluronic acid (HA). Scientifically, HA is a polysaccharide capable of holding 1,000 times its molecular weight in water. As we age, our bodies produce less and less HA, so supplements or topical aids may be used to restore the look of moist, young skin. With Juvederm, you are replenishing the HA you had in your youth but started to lose in recent years. Generally, it is recommended for use around the mouth, to fill in the martinet lines.

For Men

Men's Choice

products-men Tijeras Organic Alchemy is a comprehensive line of hair and skin care products made with certified organic desert botanicals, premium essential oils and aromatics.

Tijeras products protect hair and skin against harsh environmental conditions with unparalleled moisturizing and revitalizing properties. Tijeras products are backed with proven salon performance.

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New Mexico Business Weekly - by Stephanie Hainsfurther

Naturally Successful

Styling a becoming business plan helped this firm sell its products nationally.
New Mexico Business Weekly - by Stephanie Hainsfurther NMBW Contributor

Kip Malone | NMBW Organic idea: Looking to expand its product line, this salon came up with a savvy business plan to establish its presence in the retail sector.

High performance hair products and natural, organic ingredients are mutually exclusive in most cases.

That contradiction has been turned on its head by a dynamic product line from Tijeras Enterprises Inc., a hair salon on Indian School Rd. in Albuquerque. Don't let the glitz of this ritzy salon fool you. It has a down-and-dirty business plan that has swept its products into large natural health food retailers in nine states.

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Chemical Sensitivities Motivate Albuquerque Boutique to find Organic Solution

Salon Confidential

Albuquerque, NM  There has been a dramatic increase in environmental and chemical sensitivities over the past 15 years, which may be a result of the virtual chemical industry most of us have bottled up in our bathrooms.

Beauty has grown to a $41.5 billion industry, according to the Natural Marketing Institute. Between shampoo, toothpaste, soap, deodorant and lip balm, men and women alike use anywhere between 10 and 15 different personal care products everyday without hesitation.

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New Mexico Journey - November/December 2008 Issue

NM-Journey-CoverNew Mexico Journey
the Magazine for AAA Members

Owned by mother-daughter duo Jacqueline and Elizabeth Asher, Tijeras Organic Alchemy began in 1975 as Tijeras Hair Company, a small salon that Jacqueline (left) opened in Albuquerque.

In those early days, Jacqueline says, she had a client whose hair was so severely damaged that he wouldn't wash it for fear that it would fall out. Helping him moved Jacqueline to develop her own hair-care line. In her salon, she saw the damage that the arid Southwest could wreak on hair, so she formulated her shampoos and conditioners to work in the dry, sun-drenched climate. (Think UV protection.)

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New Mexico WOMAN - June 2007

NMW-Cover_MPure Delight
for Your Hair
by Krystal A. Zaragoza

New Mexico WOMAN
June 2007

A recent slot on QVC, the famous home shopping network, was all part of the plan for Jacqueline and Elizabeth Asher. Their organic hair care and body care lines were featured in early March, and they certainly plan for more.

Currently, Tijeras Organic Alchemy products are sold around the country: in New York, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, California, and of course, New Mexico. Profits on the company were up 19 percent in 2006 over 2005, and the two expect profits to be up 20 percent for 2007 over last year

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